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Tasnim Gostar Company was established in 1999 with the aim of providing the latest and highest quality technologies in the field of medical and laboratory equipment. This company by obtaining exclusive representation from international reputable companies and importing medical and medical laboratory equipment and providing world quality products and valid standards of European CE and American FDA and applying innovative methods and providing services and support updates and distribution network Widely spread throughout the country, it has always achieved significant growth in the path of market and product development in this industry. This company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and the health reference laboratory of the Ministry of Health, so all the products provided by this company In terms, it guarantees the standard and quality. The result of our continuous efforts and our colleagues during these years made us to be prominent and in service today as Pubsheru company in the supply of women's medical equipment (gynecology) and laboratory. And as in the past, we can attract the satisfaction of respected doctors and others. Your satisfaction is our peace of mind.

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