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Cook Medical Introduction

Cook Medical left a mark on non-invasive medical methods forever!

29-year-old Gail and her husband Bill (William) Cook founded this important company in the field of women’s medicine in 1963 in Bloomington, Indiana. In a spare room of their house, they became the first manufacturer of catheters, needles and guide wires in America.

Gradually, Cook turned itself into one of the global pioneers of technology in the field of medicine. It is now proud to offer non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment methods in 60 medical specialties. In 2008, Cook Medical was ranked the 324th largest private company in the world by Forbes magazine. Now, with 16,000 products, 12,000 employees and serving 120 countries, it plays an undeniable role in this industry. This company makes every effort to provide superior services to doctors by providing the simplest methods with the greatest impact.

This company consists of 4 main departments of Cook medical products, services, real estate and construction and implementation of insulation. Each of them turns into several large sub-branches. Among the other departments of this flagship company, we can mention the research and production of polymer with the most modern technology and the manufacture of stainless steel pipes.

What is Cook Medical doing now?

After Bill’s death in 2011, the helm of the medical industry giant with a financial turnover of more than 2 billion dollars, along with Gail, was in the hands of their son Carl. He is now one of the successful American capitalists. With his presence, this company has taken more ambitious steps and has acquired the ownership of many commercial and residential buildings, including the French Lake Spring Hotel, West Baden, and nearby recreational residences.

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