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Cavaterm Company Introduction

Cavaterm History

Cavaterm Company Introduction

Cavaterm (a Veldana Medical SA sub-brand) is a Swiss company based in Morges, on the shore of the Lake Geneva. In the 90’s, Veldana Medical (earlier known as Wallsten Medical SA) aimed to develop, manufacture and commercialize a minimally invasive treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) – specifically dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB); hence, Swedish engineer, Hans Wallsten, invented and established Cavaterm. This medical device is known as Cavaterm™ . The advantages of the Cavaterm™ as a safe and easy way to treat DUB ,soon convinced doctors throughout Europe and then abroad. Specialists feedback helped the constant process of developing the device and adding features as users needs. Nowadays, the treatment of DUB by providing minimally invasive treatments, using the most sophisticated technologies.

All research and development leading to production follow-up and product updates is performed in our laboratory by qualified and experienced engineers. Veldana Medical SA owns a clean room and a factory for the production of Cavaterm™ catheters and central units. All products are manufactured, calibrated and controlled on site in Morges. Product training, information, communication, advertising and distribution are done by the sales and marketing department. Veldana Medical is represented worldwide by exclusive distributors appointed in different countries or areas. The company’s structure also covers customer service, supply chain, logistics, quality assurance, clinical and regulatory affairs, HR, IT, finance and administration services.

Cavaterm Goals

Veldana Medical SA is committed to improve Quality of Life for women by offering Minimally Invasive Therapies. Using best practice methods in research, development, production, distribution, and product training we are providing world wide access to Gold Standard medical equipment with focus on product quality, patient safety, and procedure efficacy. Our goal is to support healthcare professionals optimising clinical results and satisfaction for women treated with our products.

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