Brand Introduction

Intrioduction of the Monalisa

Monalisa History


The Monalisa was established in Belgium with the aim of specialized production of IUDs as a sub-branch of Searchlight Pharma. Searchlight Pharma It seeks to become a leading specialty healthcare company in Canada through the best execution of the search, acquisition, commercialization and focused development of innovative and unique specialty healthcare products that improve lifelong human health and wellness. become

The company’s expertiseis a proven ability to identify exceptional products, backed by intelligent business development to meet patient needs and partner’s sexual expectations. Also, by designing a flexible and scalable sales and marketing model, they respond quickly to patients and institutional customers. The satisfaction of domestic (American) and foreign customers in all prominent countries of the world is a confirmation of this claim.

The goal of Monalisa

This company is committed to improving people’s lives by providing the right products to the market with its main focus on women’s health, urogynecology and urology. The multiple goals of this large company in the field of women’s health are pursued in several subbrand companies such as the Monalisa brand, Aura, Divigel, Rectagel, Femarle, Zestica, etc. Mona Lisa was built with the aim of an effective means of preventing pregnancy, while respecting the individual’s condition in terms of health and economic aspects.

Extensive international studies confirm that copper IUDs are a safe form of long-term contraception. Monalisa copper IUDs are available with 3, 5 and 10 year protection. We suggest you to check out monlisa’s 10 years NT CU380 QL، CU375 SL for those with shorter uterine length and are prone to IUD rejectionmonalisa’s , NT CU380 For all types of uterines and ST CU300 for those who They have smaller uteruses or have never given birth.


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