Rasht colposcopy workshop, July 2022

Rasht Colposcopy Workshop

Holding a colposcopy workshop at Gulsar Hospital, in Rasht

Rasht colposcopy workshop was held at Gulsar Hospital in Rasht on July 13, 2022 by the experienced team of Tasnim Gostar. The lectures were conducted by Dr. Fereshte Fakour, who is wll-known for her years of experience in the field of oncology.

The workshop was held with the presence of 50 doctors and experts in this field, and the issues of HPV (human papillomavirus) and genital warts, examination methods, sampling, symptoms of the disease, necessary actions after completion of the examination were discussed. By examining 10 volunteers, taking samples and examining the sypmtopms of the patients, while answering the questions of fellow co-workers, complete colposcopy training was conducted using Lebomed Prima C colposcopes with straight carrier, Prima Gn with swing arm and Sometech video colposcope. Labomed products (made in usa) and the reliable brand of Sometech (of South Korea) have stunning quality and drew a lot of attention to itself in the workshop.

In addition, the introduction and working methods of the above devices were done in full. for more information and online shopping, you can visit the Tasnim Gostar online store.

Health awareness is our goal

Tasnim Gostar intends to take a small step towards the health of our country’s women by holding numerous specialized medical workshops throughout the country, providing necessary training and awareness in the field of medicine.

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Tasnim Gostar Co. was established in 2000 with the aim of providing the latest and highest quality technologies in the field of medical and laboratory equipment. By obtaining exclusive representation from reputable international companies and importing medical and laboratory equipment, providing world quality products and valid standards of European CE and American FDA and applying innovative methods and providing services and support updates and distribution network Widely spread throughout the country, it has always achieved significant growth in the path of market and product development in this industry. This company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and the health reference laboratory of the Ministry of Health, so all the products provided by this company In terms, it guarantees the standard and quality.





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